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Malik Jackson

This is a tremendous step, albeit it will not correct one thing about the whole Mental evaluation process. I have used this new assessment tool in the past, and while updated for workplace behavior cognition, it still measures anything but football intelligence.

For a look at the future of cognitive development in the football and sports arena check out this website:

Players who train at API in ARI for the combine already participate in this program. The full version is position specific cognitive skills. SO, keys to read and play recognition for MLB, coverage recognition for WR, Pre-snap blitz and coverage recognition for QB's etc.

There is an Apple app from Axon on how to train the QB position. Its free and I suggest some OM'ers look into it. I met the President Jason Sada at a convention a month ago and got to see the full version demonstrated with other positions outside QB. The Defensive stuff was really helpful in mental training. I sent a copy to Rahim Moore
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