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all @ same time

Dr. Broncenstein's "rep" to me:
"Many criminologists agree that you are an ignorant biatch."

Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Blart has officially been bent over.
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but he enjoys being bent over ........ so I would say more like biach slapped no wait he likes that too.

Such emotional reactions to a simple request for evidence!

Low parent-child attachment and marital discord are correlates of crime.

However, in your links I haven't found a good argument that the lack of a father is the main cause of crime.

Let me know if I'm just being picky, but I found many of your links to be off-topic, unavailable, and even contradictory.

Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
Some kid's thesis for a tiny Christian college, which frequently attacks gay families. Somehow it's not winning me over.

Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
The study mentioned in this UK tabloid wasn't published in any academic journals. It relied entirely on anecdotal evidence (e.g they asked criminals if having a better father would have helped them.)

Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
Lists a few sources about crime, one isn't father-centric, or even single-parent-centric. The other cited a study about low-income adolescents, which obviously doesn't control for income. The most promising one you linked directly, here:

Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
Ah, a good first-hand source.

However, your study says step dads have a much higher correlation with crime than single moms.

"Youths in stepparent households faced incarceration odds almost 3 times as high as those in mother-father families, and significantly higher than those in single-parent households, even though stepfamilies were relatively well off on average."

Also the author casts doubt on any aggressive conclusions,

"These results showed that youth incarceration risks in a national male cohort were elevated for adolescents in father-absent households. Much of the apparent risk, however, could be attributed to the disadvantage that tends to accompany both father absence and incarceration. Father absence is more common among disadvantaged populations who contend with myriad socioeconomic difficulties such as teen motherhood, low education, and racial disparities."

Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post

A thesis on the effects of the absent father on daughters...
Doesn't mention crime. Did you read these or were you just barfing out google links?

Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post

Another article on the impact of absent fathers on girls
But no mention of crime rates among those girls.

Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post

Abstract with link to entire paper discussing the absent father and gang affiliation.
Did you even see the entire paper? I'm guessing no - because it's unavailable.

It's almost as if you were just linking anything you found in hopes of providing overwhelming evidence for your belief, without a single care for actual knowledge. Are you even a real doctor?

Here are my main issues with your belief:

1) Income inequality seems to be a better determinant of who will be incarcerated:
(cornell university)

2) This fact:

Why, during a time when single motherhood has increased nationally, has violent crime decreased nationally?

Did those ignorant women suddenly learn how to parent?

Did those frightening blacks youths magically turn white?

Not that anyone has asked, but I think every correlate pointed out in this thread, both from intelligent posters and conservatives, isn't actually the main cause.


Because the biggest cause of crime is chemical.

Lead poisoning. It lowers your IQ and turns you into a selfish, impulsive psycho. Before the EPA banned leaded gasoline, we poisoned an entire generation.

What happens when you expose a generation of kids to high lead levels? Crime and teen pregnancy data two decades later tell a startling story.

The data here blows away "broken window" theory, Freakonomic's "unwanted child" theory, and even "strain" and "labeling" theories when explaining our dramatic crime increase and decrease. (All the aforementioned criminologist theories blow away the overtly racist/sexist myths mentioned in this thread.)

The takeaway? Thank God for the EPA, and replace your old lead-lined windows if you're around children.

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