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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
It just stands to reason; If there are evil, reptilian invaders from some distant planet living among us, wouldn't there be benign protectors from some other planet, interceding on our behalf? Something like The Federation, for example? The whole, binary, yin and yang thing. Good and evil.
Why must they aways be from some distant place, see this is programed thinking. If they are aliens and ugly they must be from some distant physical place just likes ours only different.

The alien beings are from another frequency existing concurrently with ours, yet in a separate reality. They hacked our construct and use us as an energy source (food) and have been doing this for a very long time. That is what is behind all the societies that are known for ritual sacrifice. They can not operate directly in our reality but they can manipulate it and control certain people like the ancient royal blood lines because they bread with them.

Crazy Huh!
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