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Thanks! We made it home today. Baby and mama are doing well especially considering the circumstances - emergency c-section, a few complications, 20-30 seconds of sheer terror (she came out with the umbilical cord wrapped twice tightly around her neck, quite blue in color, and not breathing) if anyone is familiar with Apgar score, my baby scored a 1 at one minute (scale of 0-10), but the 3 nurses cleared her lungs, gave her some O2 and she was breathing, moving and crying. Within 5 minutes her Apgar was 9 - aka normal healthy baby with no signs of lasting damage. I don't think I ever prayed more than I did in those few seconds. But everything is quite okay since then, didn't even have to stay a 3rd day and we're resting comfortably at home now.

Mia Beth - born 2/15 at 11:18am 6 pounds, 6 ounces, 18"
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