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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
Jones is not a $4 million per year type player. I could careless about his 2 seasons of 20+ goals. He isnt the type of guy who will be able to take over a game or make guys around him better. There is more to being a good player than scoring goals. Maybe it's coaching but he doesn't look to be more than a 3rd line guy to me on most other teams.

Avs gave up more than a 2nd. They gave up a 1st and 2 second rounders for Varly. Could have just paid Anderson and kept the draft picks. Considering how terrible the Avs are they could use all the draft picks they can get. IMO it was a bad trade even though I like Varly.
Jones is a 4 mil player based upon the market he was able to garner interest from. he'd be a 3.25 mil guy in this market but he was a UFA with leverage and the Avs don't really want to spend money right now so keeping him instead of signing a guy like Semin made sense for them.
when you go to UFA you are likely to get overpaid by some team, so i have no issue with Jones getting 4 mil since he was a UFA. i don't think he's worth it but he had a stronger case than ROR.
yes it takes a lot more than goal scoring to be a good player but goal scoring ablity gets you paid in FA. kinda like sacks do in the NFL.

i'm aware of what we gave up overall for Varly, still a good trade and the trade of Liles helped us land Varly, that's a win to me.

no we couldn't have just paid Anderson, he wanted more years than he earned and he still ended up signing for less than he demanded.
he quit on the damn team because he was mad about the length of the offer. he wanted something like 5 years and the Avs offered two. he got mad, pouted and then got his ass shipped out of town and still isn't playing at the same level as before.
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