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Spencer Larsen

Some things I don't agree with:

Chris Harris B+, I think A- would be more appropriate, he was the best CB on the roster in the majority of games, made plays on the ball and held tight coverage very consistently - his only really weak game was against the Texans.

Mike Adams B, I think a C or C- would be appropriate, he was a non-factor in coverage all season and his run support was spotty at best.

Keith Brooking B+, a generous B- would be better, he only really did good work consistently in short yardage situations, in most game situations he was a liability.

Wolfe C+, a flat B would be do it here, he exceeded reasonable expectations by some margin and played more snaps than I think anyone could have predicted.

Vickerson, Bannan B-, these guys were the main reason the defense was as strong as it was, they consistently held the run game in check by sealing gaps and playing very disciplined, a B would be appropriate.

Matt Willis C, I would give him an F if I felt spiteful and at best a D-, every time he was on the field on offence it was about 50/50 if he made a noticeable mistake like running the wrong route.
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