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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
Doesn't make up for the Liles trade, letter Fleisman go, letting Mueller go, same with Lappy when he was here. Now this issue with O'Reilly. How can you justify paying Jones(in with a killer 2 points and -9 in 11 games so far)$4M and not paying a much better player at least the same? Jones is ridiculously over paid! His best season ever was a insane 45 points. O'Reilly leads the team in points with 55 and is only 22 years old. Not to mention a beast on the PK. Great team guy. The guy has worked his ass off.
the 2nd that was acquired in the Liles trade went to the Caps for Varlamov.
Flash had a health condition that made playing a full season for the Avs damn near lethal, the mile high air did the similar things to him and amped up his condition as it did to Ryan Clark for the Steelers.
the last two, come on now, Lappy was past his prime and not needed for the salary he was asking, Mueller couldn't stay on the ice to save his life.
Jones was a unrestricted FA who could sign with any other team and was coming off of back to back 20+ goal seasons.

ROR has one good, not even great, one good season out of 3 and this b**** thinks he should get more than Duchene,EJ,Jones,Varly and etc?
**** him and his hippie dad and his dumb ass "he's one of the best defensive players of all time" agent

there is no way to justify paying ROR more than others on the team when he is a RFA, has no other offers and his leverage was a prorated 4 mil contract from the KHL and his dumb ass got injured while playing over there so he'd still be out due to the ankle injury.
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