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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
You understand that the reason we need the government to intervene and regulate guns is because the public can't control themselves.

The law abiding public doesn't have a problem controlling themselves....psychos and thug criminals on the other hand do....please show me the legislation limiting their ammo and weapons of choice

If gun owners would stop allowing their toys to fall into the hands of mass murderers then we wouldn't need regulation.

They're not toys...they're lethal weapons that need to be treated with respect....but then again you don't own one so you have no sense of how to handle one.....and you do realize that very few if any of these mass murderers legally acquired their weapons right?

Do I believe in a free society you should be able to own a hand gun or hunting rifle, sadly yes. Do I think you need an AR15 and a 30 round clip? No, Do I think any of the regulations being asked for are out of line? No, I think they are too weak to stop another attack on the public by another gun owner.

Once again, tell us your plan to keep guns and magazines that hold 30 rounds out of the hands of criminals?

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