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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
You are taking a few verses out of the Bible and saying "see, the Bible says slavery is good, see!!" and the Bible does no such thing. It's like me taking one line out of a book, for example, Webster's Dictionary, flip to a page with a word like "Torture", read one line of the definition like "to cause extreme physical or mental pain." and to say "see, this book advocates torture!" Because, look right here on page 1502, it says "to cause extreme physical or mental pain"! So, Webster's Dictionary is ok with this, see!

Nope, it's taking one line completely out of context. It's also missunderstanding the purpose of the book itself.

The Bible is a history book too. This doesn't mean it advocates things like slavery. It's simply telling you about history and then saying "there's a better way."

The very fact I have to explain this to you tells me you have an agenda. Your agenda is to bad mouth the Bible. Your agenda is to make people who believe in the Bible look ignorant and stupid.

But whatever.
Talk about misquoting to serve an agenda. Here is what I actually said.

And note that SPDirty referenced Bible quotes to justify being 'anti-gay', but that's permissible, because again, it suits your agenda.

I took NOTHING out of context, I quoted Bible verse verbatim......and I could have found much nastier verse.

It's no surprise you're defensive.
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