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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
What's the solution to make men parents instead of just sperm shooters, then?

No gay marriage? What's that got to do with it?

Make divorce almost impossible? How will that help?

Please elaborate.
First, acknowledge that marriage between 1 man and 1 woman is the basic building block of society, especially in the West. Progressives won't even do this. Leaving marriage between 1 man and 1 woman will help do this (which you don't understand because you've already asked me what gay marriage has "got to do with it." That's the first thing. Once this is done the institution of marriage will be strengthened by society as a whole. Get rid of no-fault divorces, instead, make sure people go to marriage counseling before they get a marriage license. Why not help the young couple before they get married? Marriage should be for life! Counsel people about this before they get married so that they know the committment they are getting into.

Revamp the welfare state, don't reward single mom's with more money by having more kids. Instead, encourage the fathers to stay in the marriage. I'd rather give a married couple financial assistance for their kids than a single parent home. The chances for that family to get off of welfare are much better with a mother and a father. Give a married couple with kids financial assistence for things like college, I'd have no problem giving an inner city, at risk African American couple free college tuition for their kids. All they have to do is make sure their kids stay in school and can pass the entrance exams.

Then of course, tax breaks and financial assitance for all married couples with kids. If they have problems and they are thinking about divorce, give them access to cheap or even free counseling. If there's obvious abuse, of course, prosecute the perpetrator like an abusive father! But at the very least try to encourage and support the married couple before you let them push the eject button.

There's all sorts of things that can be done to strengthen traditional marriage and to keep fathers at home and active in their kid's lives.
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