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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I agree that absentee fathers are a huge issue. But I'm curious what these "liberal progressive causes to marginalize the role of the father" are.
There're multiple reasons why the liberal progressive movement has marginalized the roles of fathers. I'll start with their latest cause--gay marriage. The institution of marriage has already been damaged by things like no-fault divorce. The father's role is also marginalized by the state, the more babies, the more $. There's no need for a father.

Now the institution of marriage is being again watered down by gay-marriage. There's plenty of data that shows that kids do much, much better with a mother and a father. However, now the progressive liberals want everyone to believe that kids will do just as well with two moms or two dads and that simply is not true. The best way to raise children is with 1 mom and 1 dad, especially when it comes to boys. Also, women who have bad relationships or non-relationships with their fathers do not do as well as women who have good relationships with their fathers.

It's really is a common sense thing. Fathers are vitally important to the health and well being of kids. The inner cities where there's a dissproportionate amount of missing fathers is proof positive that a father's role in the family unit is vital for the well being of society as a whole.
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