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Originally Posted by Endy View Post
I think its funny that anybody would ever believe that our military, which is composed of many people who really don't like Obama, would ever follow his orders to take over the entire country.

If you really believe that, then I've got a bridge to sell you and this stock you really need to buy, which is totally can't miss.

And the "Civilian Security Force"? If you are afraid of the Peace Corp then you've got bigger problems than the President.

Ironic how the internet is the world's largest cache of information, yet also the world's largest cache of ignorant people.
They might not want to take an order from Barack but they way they've been trained to take a knee at the guy who yells at them, they say yes sir to their brother. This would happen in most situations imo. If you're in the army and you're actually doing some fighting you're probably the type that's going to keep fighting for a "cause" if it's presented to you. You don't exactly join for a resume booster.
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