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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
You are not following my argument. The point is that the vulcanism of Venus is totally anomalous.
Elaborate, please. What about Venus' vulcanism is "anomalous"? Relative to what average?

Originally Posted by mhgaffney
There are also other Venusian anomalies -- including the reverse rotation. Despite what W*gs says -- this points to a different origin.
No, it does not. Given what we know of the history of impacts in the solar system (witness the surfaces of Mercury, the moon, Mars, and the satellites of the outer planets), it's entirely possible that Venus suffered one or more large impacts that resulted in its "reverse" and very slow rotation.

One need not posit exotic, dare I say, lunatic, ideas about Venus to account for its current state.

Occam's Razor in action, as it were.

Originally Posted by mhgaffney
There is also another body of evidence I have not mentioned. The written records from ancient cultures, including the Mayans, Sumerians and Chinese -- describe Venus in terms of a comet. They refer to its beard, tail and horns, which are typical of comets -- not planets.
Pure Velikovsky.

Pure nonsense.
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