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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Before dream and the morons chime in, I Have always said he would not get a long term deal that would cost us 12+ millions a year against the cap. That's we simply could not afford it, this year.

With the advent of the shoulder injury the cap aspect became just a matter of time. Gave John a graceful way out. Since no other team is going to give him a huge contract after getting cut, until they see he is healed.

I still believe that having an elite (pay) OLT is not as necessary as it once was, also beleive that they'd I'll be finding an OT via the draft or UFa and none of them will be paid elite money, as his eventual replacement
(something I have been saying consistently since this cap conversation started )
. . . and we are still laughing at you. Another sh-t football take from crapstar.
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