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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
With the war on terror and the US Military, that 10-12 billion rounds gets soaked up quickly. The US Federal government is supposed to have it's own ammo producing facility but they have that thing maxed out already. So now they are absorbing up all the other ammo producers with this bogus purchase of 1.6 billion rounds JUST FOR THE FEDS.
That 10-12 billion number was for non gov't sources. With 300 Million guns in this country, that comes out to 40 bullets per gun per year. I hope most of you gun owners use a lot more than that each year to stay proficient with your fire arms, and ensure that they are in proper working order.

The reason there has been such a mad rush by the average US citizen to buy guns and ammo if because people are scared of the current administration and rightly so. Just look at this DHS BS buying up 1.6 billion rounds of ammo just for the Feds. Add in the fact that there's already legislation being written to limit magazine capacity and types of guns you can own and that is why people are buying everything is sight. People are paranoid and BO is not helping the situation.
You hit the nail on the head here. People are paranoid. But what has BO really done to warrant this type of paranoia? Pretty much nothing in the way of gun legislation in his first term, even though he had a democratic senate and congress for a couple of years. It clearly wasn't one of his priorities. The only reason there is legislation now is that the general public wants it because of the horrific gun incidents recently. But here, he's just responding to public pressure. And the DHS contracts (note that they have not purchased all of this ammo, they just have contract with manufacturers that allow them to purchase this much) have come well after the general public's gun's and ammo surge, and are for a 5 year duration which limits the market impact. The problem is the cost of copper. Go yell at the Chinese.

This is a power play by the feds. It's nothing more than limiting the ability of the average citizen to buy ammo. Not only that, it limits local law enforcement too although I'm sure they will get priority over the average joe. The next thing that will happen is the feds will limit the amount of ammo you can buy at one time (they are already trying to stop online ammo purchases) and they will then slap a 50% tax on all ammo purchases.

The feds don't care about the states. They don't care about the people in Wyoming. They don't care about the local police who really are the FIRST RESPONDERS to an attack or a problem. Nope, the feds only car about Big Brother.
I just don't see why anyone thinks that this administration gives a rat's ass about private gun ownership. Find me some legislation that Obama put any effort into passing during his first term. What happened after Ft Hood? What happened after Giffords was shot? What happened after Virginia Tech? "We need to have a serious discussion about guns!" End of story. What happened after Aurora? "We need to have a serious discussion about guns!" Nothing happened. Then Sandy Hook happened, and for those of us who are not nut jobs who think it was faked, it was pretty much one of the most horrific things you can imagine. The build up of all these events has created significant pressure from a majority of the general public (You know, the citizens of the united states) to do something to address gun control. Politicians being who they are, follow suit with proposed legislation.

Even after all this, despite many conservatives beliefs otherwise, most liberals, myself and pretty much everyone I know included, still support the right to own firearms. We just think it's reasonable to discuss what the bounds of these rights should be. All rights have bounds, because if extended without bounds, your rights will begin to infringe on mine. Even the most revered right in our amended constitution, the freedom of speech, has it's limits. The 2nd amendment is no different.

Remember, that while we disagree on many issues, liberal's are not the opposites of conservatives. Lower taxes might always be the answer for the right, but that doesn't mean higher taxes are always the answer for the left. Unrestricted firearm ownership may be the goal of the right, but that doesn't mean that the left wants to eliminate firearm ownership. That's just a fantasy.

I'm 1000x more likely to get intentionally or accidentally shot by a private, previously law abiding citizen, than I am to suffer from a tyrannical government takeover, not even to mention non-law abiding citizens. You'll have to pardon me for playing the odds and being more concerned about how we regulate guns. Same reason why I'm glad we've put so much emphasis on regulating car ownership and usage. Gotta play the odds.
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