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Four accurate predictions made by Velikovsky

Velikovsky was often wrong. But I give him credit when he was right. Velikovsky...

1. predicted that Venus was very hot. He made this prediction in the early 1950s when astronomers -- in the absence of hard evidence -- generally believed that Venus' surface temperature was comparable to earth's. Velikovsky turned out to be correct.

2. He also predicted that Jupiter emits radio waves. A few years later this was confirmed. It was at this point that Einstein started using his personal influence -- urging scientists to seriously test Valikovsky's ideas.

3. And Velikovsky also predicted that the earth has a powerful magnetic field. At that time most geophysicists doubted this. Several years later, Van Allen discovered the magnetosphere.

4. Last but not least -- Velikovsky also predicted that Venus might spin in the reverse direction from other planets.

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