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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Truthfully price either way could work, but if you move Wolfe inside you need a DE, if you leave Wolfe at DE you need a pressure DT. Your substituting one for one. It depends who's available come #28 and then you factor in that it takes rookie DTs time to develop and that puts us back at square one where it's just our best guess..
Great analysis. An impact UT is perhaps the most difficult player to find (other than QB). We have one in Wolfe. I think he is a better UT than any other UT the Broncos are going to find at #28 (including Kawann Short, who is older than Wolfe BTW). I would be happy with Sam Montgomery or (possibly) Datone Jones at #28. Bannan should be (and has always) been a backup.

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
My question is can Ayers, or Jackson, or Beal, or Hunter, or a FA, or a rookie free up Von while setting the edge in run defense like Wolfe? At the beginning of the year I didn't like Wolfe at DE, but when I found out/saw we were two gapping, he really grew on me at DE.
Robert Ayers - Never been a pass rusher (only 3 sacks as a Sr. in college, his "big" year).
Malik Jackson - Could be a poor man's Datone Jones (don't know, I haven't really seen him play). Not fast, and not many sacks in college.
Jason Hunter - Perennial backup, averages 2 sacks per year in his 6 year NFL career. The only reason he was a starter before he was injured was because he was trying harder than everyone else in training camp and starting fights every day.
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