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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
gaffe, you don't get it.

It doesn't matter if it's Sagan who does the math - the math is the math. Run the numbers yourself.

Didja notice that the energy required to eject Venus from Jupiter would melt it even if was made of rock? You can't get around that. And the fact that the velocity required to escape Jupiter's gravity well is close to that required to escape the solar system entirely? Amazing how Venus knew that it needed 60 km s-1 but not 63 km s-1, eh?

Face it - Velikovsky is just plain wrong. No matter that Sagan is dead.
This is foolishness.

I stated clearly that many of Velikovsky's ideas were wrong. I made it clear that I do not pretend to defend wrong ideas.

Many great scientists espoused weird ideas. If you don't believe it - -check the history of science. This does not besmirch their real contributions.

You refused to read McCanney's comet paper -- and so -- like Orangeatheist -- do not understand the nature of the argument.

Jupiter never ejected Venus. Of course not. The large comet probably came from deep space -- as I have repeatedly indicated.
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