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Bmore Manning

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Playing as a disguised 3-4 was to address the weakness against the run. Two gapping everyone one the line except Doom allowed our two best defensive front 7 players to do what they do best, and that's hunt. It also masked the defencies of our LBs, allowing them to flow to the ball and make a play.

Make no mistake about it, Wolfe is a huge reason for Millers success this year, as I have called him the peanut butter to Von's Jelly. He is as important to Miller as Justin Smith is to Aldon Smith. Why change that? I love our hybrid scheme. Sure I think Wolfe could play UT in a true 4-3, but he has a similar role now in our scheme, but of greater importance, because he facilitates Von Miller. If Wolfe is moved inside, we need a DE who can set the edge and allow Von to come around. If you put a smaller body there, you are compromising the scheme...

Seattle runs a very similar scheme. Doom would act as the Leo or the permanent rusher off of the weak side. Sometimes they one-gap the DT next to him (Branch) and Mebane (NT) and Red Bryant (DE) two gap. That's it in terms of pass rush, and they will bring Irvin at SOLB off the edge like Miller in obvious passing downs. We have a huge advantage in that Wolfe is way more athletic then Red Bryant. And Miller plays most of the downs unlike Irvin. Wolfe will grow and develop more, he was only a rookie! Where Seattle has the tremendous upper hand aside from MLB, is their secondary. Sherman is in my opinion the second best CB in the NFL, and Browner is so physical at disrupting a WR in bump and run.

We don't have press man corners....

That ability to blanket their WRs allow that pass rush more time to get home. It allows Seattle the ability to scheme their LBs and Safeties into the passing game. What I think our scheme needs is the ability to get home from the inside, whether that means sliding Wolfe inside or drafting a disruptive DT.

Truthfully price either way could work, but if you move Wolfe inside you need a DE, if you leave Wolfe at DE you need a pressure DT. Your substituting one for one. It depends who's available come #28 and then you factor in that it takes rookie DTs time to develop and that puts us back at square one where it's just our best guess..

My question is can Ayers, or Jackson, or Beal, or Hunter, or a FA, or a rookie free up Von while setting the edge in run defense like Wolfe? At the beginning of the year I didn't like Wolfe at DE, but when I found out/saw we were two gapping, he really grew on me at DE..

Time will tell if we stay as a masked 3-4 or switch thing up to a more traditional 4-3 with Wolfe at UT. Personally I like the scheme how it is and would improve on it, rather than make new changes..
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