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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Moore didn't cheat up too far and wasn't out of position. Watch the tape again. He was deep enough and had good position, he just cut it off too soon and timed the jump very badly. In that circumstance, you can even say he shouldn't have gone for the ball at all. Just play the defender and make sure it's either an incomplete pass or a tackle. No need to even play the damn ball. Ah yes, here we are again going over this play, ugh.
Go read the article at NFP from Matt Bowen here:

That is what actually happened. Moore allowed the outside Vertical to get behind him before the ball was thrown, that is poor play recognition, and even worse recovery once beaten.

It simply was a terrible mental effort, followed by poor technique once beaten. Nothing more, nothing less. It can be corrected, but is Moore a coachable kid or is he just not capable of learning. This is my question to JDR and staff next week. And believe me, I will ask it
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