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I think Mark's penchant for fantasizing his ideas about Venus, demonstration of his stubbornness to avoid posting peer-reviewed work, and general inability to think coherently and rationally have been sufficiently demonstrated in this thread.

To be perfectly honest, that's why it was created. We all knew, from Mark's lunatic ravings regarding 9/11, that he was an absolute fruitcake. But I figured it would be easiest to highlight that insanity in a thread about Venus. Mission accomplished, I'd say.

So, with that said, I'm going to exit this thread since further proximity to Mark is running up my water bill from all the showers I have to take afterwards. This should stand as a testament to how future encounters with conspiracy nuts should be handled. Force their hand. Make them prove their assertions. When they can't, and they turn around and either ignore the requests, or try to blame you, the questioner, or the "establishment," instead of ponying up the evidence that supports their assertions, you know they've already lost in the arena of ideas.

Good luck to anyone else who wants to continue in this (one-way) "discussion" with Mark. But my time is too precious to spend it talking to a brick wall.
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