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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I do think the kneel down is cheap. I think they need to give the team that is down more time. Kind of like how in Basketball you can start fouling to get the ball back. Obviously there are fewer possessions in football. I don't know that shorter play clock is the answer because that would hurt a team trying to come back.

I don't agree on sudden death. The team that got the first possession only had to move into field goal range. That made the most exciting thing about the game the coin toss.
The worse part bout basketball is the final 2 minutes of the game are longer than the rest of the game combined. It gets boring when a team is down by 9 and while in range, they really don't have much chance. Yet it's inbound whistle, timeout, inbound, timeout, inbound, whistle, timeout, inbound, run around in circle for brief period try to pass, whistle, timeout. The result after about 3 series of this....... Losing by 11.
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