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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Margus Hunt sucks. He was terrible all Senior Bowl week. Looks like Tarzan, plays like retarded baby with epilepsy.
Really? The dude dominated Hawaii's RT during the bowl game. Thought he was coming around. Forget him then.

Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Looking at one sub-par game as the basis of what we need is beyond silly...
All the Broncos problems were amplified during the playoff game. Carter, Kuper, pass-rush out of the Nickel formation...all came back to haunt us.

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Price Montgomery is not a SDE, I'd personally much rather have Oakfor. The big issue here is that the scheme and Miller in particular thrived with Wolfe at DE. I'm more than content leaving it the same and drafting a more disruptive DT.
Montgomery was an SDE at LSU, and I think he projects that way as a pro. He's not an elite pass-rusher that you need on the weakside...but he's a good-pass rusher, and he plays the run well too. Gotta love his pursuit (which the DL lacked in 2012). He also has a non-stop motor. I would take Okafor too. I'm Wolfe's biggest fan, but he sucks at DE, just no impact at all. Too slow. The Broncos need a Justin Tuck type player (a real 4-3 DE), who can penetrate from anywhere on the line. I think that is Montgomery (or Okafor).

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
You don't draft a first round CB to play Nickel during his career. And why play him there if Harris is exceptional there? I think we maybe take a late round prospect to develop but not an early CB..
A Nickel CB is pretty much a starter. The good passing teams exploited our nickel CB all year long (NE, Balt). The Broncos need a top-notch 3rd CB if they expect to get to the Superbowl...not a developmental prospect.

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