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Oh brother.

We need to land a large drilling rig on Venus, that can withstand the tremendous pressure and heat, then drill down through its crust, mantle and into Venus' core, just to prove Velikovsky wrong?

Ain't gonna happen. It would cost a fortune. We haven't drilled into Earth's crust more than ~40,000 feet. Venus' crust is estimated to be 50 km (~164,000 feet) thick - and I suspect gaffe wouldn't be satisfied until the hole gets to Venus' center - another 19,855,643 feet. Ain't gonna happen. We already know that Velikovsky is wrong. We don't need to spend bejillions on a pointless experiment.

Have you done the calculation on the energy expended onto Hale-Bopp by its accumulation of mass as McCanney claims to have happened? Remember, if Hale-Bopp started with the mass of the moon (7.3477 1022 kg) and it increased until it was about the mass of Mercury (3.30221023 kg) it grew by more than a factor of four.

Einstein and Tesla are irrelevant tangents.

PS - You know that Velikovsky was a passionate Zionist, don't you?

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