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A simple test could decide the matter...

After Velikovsky's early predictions were born out -- Einstein began to support scientific testing to try to prove/refute Velikovsky's ideas. This was in 1955 -- shortly before Einstein died.

I agree with Einstein. Let's put the matter to the test.

There is a simple way to decide the matter. Although simple in principle, the technology may not yet exist to perform the test.

The test would be to measure the temperature at various depths below the surface of Venus -- either by a direct probe or remote sensing via satellite.

If W*gs is correct -- the readings would show a rising temperature all the way to the core of the planet.

If, on the other hand, the readings show a decreasing temperature at greater depths -- this would prove that Venus originated as a comet.

The reasoning is simple: A comet would have spent eons in deep space and would therefor have cooled even at its core to near absolute zero Kelvin. Only the surface down to a certain depth would have been heated by a number of passages close to the sun.

A couple of quick searches suggests that the technology to perform such a test probably has not matured. But one day, hopefully soon...

Of course, jackals and hyenas who claim to know the mind of G-d won't be interested in testing.

It's so easy to hide behind the present paradigm. No courage or imagination is required.

Unfortunately, our planetary ecosystem will not survive the present paradigm. W*gs who pretends to believe in climate change ought to know this better than anyone.

The last time I visited the Bay Area -- last week -- the smog was the worst I've ever seen. Air quality is deteriorating -- and this tells us that we are destroying the earth.

Hence the urgent need for a paradigm shift to a more comprehensive understanding of how the solar system works -- so we can become much more efficient in how we use energy. Tesla was on the right track. Had he succeeded in perfecting his project on Long Island -- we would live in the very different world of limitless clean energy.


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