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Originally Posted by JLesSPE View Post
This thread is horse crap.
Is our military,police suppose to use paint balls. 1.6 BILLION rounds for ONE agency
BTW,are ammo producers limited in the amt of ammo they can make.Yes, just like every other producer of goods. Manufacturers have supply pipelines that are configured based upon past, current, and projected need. Try telling a bullet manufacturer, oh hey can you crank out a couple extra BILLION bullets for me this month? The gov't bought all mine
Is there some ammo mine out there that's going dry. If there was an ammo mine I would live there.
Let me let you in on a little secret,they can make more ammo. Cute, but I don't think you know what you're talking about.
Its 90 agencies that fall under one department.

Its about 400Million bullets a year, so not as direct of a hit on the manufacturer "pipeline" as 1.6B all at once. 400 Million gets spread out over a year to make about 32 Million a month - not the 1.6B/month you implied. Also - last year ICE bought almost 500Million bullets.

Will you invite me over to your ammo mine for tea and scrumpets when and if you ever find the magical place. It would be interesting for sure.

Not sure if any of us know what we're talking about.
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