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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Brooking = not resigned
Williams = restructure or cut
Mays = cut
Trevathan = spot duty LB in nickel situations
Johnson = depth

We need help there, doesn't gotta be first-round, but we need it.
Anybody not drafted in the 1st round will not start in 2013. You could make a case for Arthur Brown in the 2nd round...but even then JDR would probably put him behind Brooking or Irving, just like he put Wolfe behind Bannan (until Hunter got hurt).

Ellerbe in FA is a possiblity, but the Broncos don't really have the cap space. Irving is making like $500k, and Brooking would resign another 1 year $1M deal to try to win a SB.

The Broncos, do however, need another backup SOLB. 1st and 2nd round are for starters, so I don't see them picking a backup SOLB until after that.

The crazy thing, is that DJ is still on the team. They're obviously trying to work with him...and it's not to backup WW at WOLB. I would be more than ok with DJ starting at MIKE in 2013. It's logical, if he's affordable. DJ vs. Brooking vs. Irving in camp.
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