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Originally Posted by txtebow View Post
Bam! --EXACTLY. Look at Tv shows from the 1950's -60's (Bonanza, the Rifleman) all shows that depicted violence in the form of a man pulling a trigger.....Unfortunately, and a point that some Liberals miss out on, most of the gun crimes that are committed by the 'cultural deviants' in urban america are possessed ILLEGALLY so the gun laws that are being passed in an effort to decrease gun murders in this country does not effect their ability to arm themselves for the purpose of committing violent crime....
Hey hey hey. You are being way to logical.

So let's see the far left looms change the subject.

Just a few of the excuses are:

the white males are holding down the minority's.

No jobs for blacks..

Education for blacks is less than for whites.

Yada Yada Yada.

Instead of admitting that blacks* kill other blacks* mostly in turf wars for drug distrubution. They will obfuscate till hell freezes over.

* same applies to Asians and Hispanics depending on areas of the county and within various cities they all kill each other in turf wars.

IT IS THE CRIMINALS KILLING EACH OTHER WITH illegal firearms. once y'all understand that then gun control really becomes moot.

Fix the criminal actions going on and 90% of the gun murders are reduced.

Btw the fallacy that crime is down is just that. The DAs office in most cities have decided to make their stastics lower they would just change the charges of the crime.

Rape now equals sexual assault. Which lowers the the violent crime rates but does nothing to fix the real problem.

I hear this all the time from my friends in law enforcement.

About the only one that is not being under charged right now is the murder/assault by firearm. They trying real hard to inflate that number. trying to justify gun control laws.
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