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Hemanuel Sandrs

Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
I did back when I drank a lot. Also when I was divorced and screwed around i wasn't any better. The standard of behavior for Christians according to the Bible is extremely high.
'Behavior' is the key term there. At least from a Catholic perspective, same sex attraction is not a sin, though it is viewed as a disorder (not in some medical sense, though), just like alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. When the attraction turns into action--living a gay lifestyle--then it becomes a sin, just as when a hetero attraction turns into sleeping around, cheating on your spouse, getting hooked on porn, etc. the sin is in the action, not the hetero attraction. All are called to chastity, hetero or homo, which if done right, keeps us detached from sinful action. [/end lecture on Catholic Catechism]
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