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Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
There is a word in my line of work for this. OWNAGE!

Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
This is why I will never read or take anything gaffe says seriously, ever. He is a liar.
And he could shed that well-earned stigma by simply producing the peer-review that supports his assertions, but he doesn't. He just keeps on posting unsupported drivel as if the mere posting of it should be sufficient. Just like McCanney who thinks self-publishing his work on a webpage is sufficient support of his "plasma comet model." It isn't.

The pyramids were built with help by citizens of Atlantis because no other culture in the world at that time built any structures remotely similar to the pyramids at Giza. That is evidence of outside influence. The only culture advanced enough to supply the technology sufficient to build the pyramids either had to come from somewhere on this planet now vanished, or from outerspace. Because space-travel from even our nearest neighboring star is too far for spacecraft to reach earth in a reasonable time (since nothing can travel the speed of light), the only reasonable conclusion is that the technology had to come from right here on our planet. The only civilization advanced enough to supply such technology would have been the hitherto citizens of Atlantis which Plato (a real person) reported. Plato is not known for passing along fairy tales and he received his information about Atlantis from the Egyptians. Why the Egyptians? Because they still had a vague memory of the culture which helped them build the pyramids.

There. Published on the web. Now it's Mark's burden to prove all of that wrong. And when he says modern Egyptologists reject such a theory, I'll say it's because they're paid off to keep such ideas secret and then challenge him to prove me wrong.

Being a pseudo-science-conspiracy nut is easy. Doing real science is hard.
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