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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
So are you ready to discuss that there is a problem with young blacks in urban areas with possession of firearms. Are you willing to racial profile and do random stop-and-frisk on blacks? Like I said it's the elephant in the room and a p***Y like you will cry foul. ?
I'll gladly discuss it. I'm not sure "racial profiling" is any sort of solution to what is a much larger and more complex problem. Like I said before, this is more of an issue of socioeconomics than one of race. The fact that so many lower income African Americans live in crowded, poverty stricken urban areas with a rampant crime, drug and gun problem certainly compounds the issue.

Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
The Native Americans at Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota realized that alcohol consumption was devastating to their population so they took it upon themselves to ban the possession and sale of any alcohol on the reservation.
Do you think the blacks will ever take that step with firearms on their own?
I don't think the comparison between the issue these Native Americans face is very comparable with the issue we're discussing here. If you have a simple solution like what they did in Pine Ridge I'm all ears.
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