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Default Official 2013 Mock Draft Trade dialogue thread

Post your trade offers here!!


a. Kansas City and St. Louis:
Chiefs receive selections 22, 78, and 16th selection in round Six
Rams receive selections 34, 63, the 2nd selection in round Four, and the 2nd selection in round Six

b. Kansas City and NY Giants:
Chiefs receive selection #19 and the 19th selection in round seven
Giants receive selection #22, the 16th selection in the round six, and the 1st selection in round seven.

c. New Orleans and Pittsburgh
Saints receive selection #17 and the 18th selection in round six
Steelers receive selection #15

d. Minnesota and Atlanta
Falcons recieve #23
Vikings receive #30, the 30th selection in round four, and Atlanta's comp pick in round four (or 5th and 6th round picks if they dont receive comp pick)

e. New England and Buffalo
Bills receive #29
Patriots receive #41 and the 8th selection in round four

f. Seattle and Baltimore
Seahawks receive #32 and 32nd selection in round five
Baltimore receives #56, #87, and the 26th selection in round four

g. Detroit and Cincinnati
Bengals receive #36
Lions receive #53 and the 21st selection in round four

h. Tennessee and Green bay
Titans receive #40
Tennessee receives: #55, the 25th selection in round four, and the 25th selection in round six

i. Cincinnati and Washington
Redskins receive #84
Bengals receive the 22nd selection in round four, the 21st selection in round five, and 22nd selection in round 7

j. Tennessee and Washington
Titans receive the 23rd selection in round three and the 23rd selection in round six
Redskins receive the 10th selection in round four, the 25th selection in round four, and the 9th selection in round 5

k. Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh
Buccaneers receive #79
Steelers receive picks 4-15, 4-29, 6-13, and 7-20

l. Whale's Vagina and Miami
Dolphins receive #76
Chargers receive 4-14, 5-13, and 7-11

m. Kansas City and San Francisco
Chiefs receive #74 and 5-31
49ers receive #78 and 5-1

n. Cincinnati and Indianapolis
Bengals receive #84
Colts receive #118, 5-23, and 6-29

o. New York Football Giants and San Diego
Giants receive 4-13
Chargers receive 5-19, 6-16, and 7-1

p. Cincinnati and Baltimore
Bengals receive #130 and 240
Ravens receive #154 and 190

q. Kansas City and Philadelphia
Chiefs receive: #136
Eagles receive: #164 and 225

r. Detroit and San Francisco
49ers receive #137
Lions receive #157 and #180

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