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Manti Teo

Hope you guys have a blast again with it this year. Maybe next year I will have the time to get back into it again.

A few suggestions/guidelines:

1. Please check the Mane every day during the draft. Everyone will have 12 hours to make their pick when they are on the clock. If you know you are going to be away from your PC/tablet/internet access, please send a priotity list of who you would like to select to myself, Bowlenball, and eddie mac. We will not look at the PMs until you are on the clock.

2. There will be an alphabetical list of players taken at the top of this thread. Please check that list before you pick. Please. If you have drafted someone who is already on the list, you may replace that pick, but the next drafter will be on the clock.

3. We start the draft when the combine ends. 8 AM EST is the official time, but Conklin can start us off early if he wants to.

4. Rounds 1-5 are 12 hours. 6 and 7 are 6 hours on the clock.

5. Please start trade talks with other drafters before you are on the clock. Nothing is more annoying when your time comes to draft and you announce "Hey! I wanna trade down!" If you have no deals on the table and it's your turn, DRAFT.

6. We will pause the draft once we get to the end of the 3rd round for the NFL to announce the Comp picks. As soon as they are announced, the draft is back on.

7. The mock draft order will be frozen once the combine ends. The actual NFL teams may do some trades and shifting around, but we will keep whatever order is handed to us on February 28th.

8. We will have a Discussion thread (this thread) and a Selection thread. Please post all comments and discussion about the selections in this thread. The Selection thread may have your selections only. It is more fun if your selection post has a little description of your player with strengths, weaknesses, how the player fits on your team, a kick-ass photo, etc. We will also have a Trade discussion thread for that express purpose.

9. Please PM the person who is next up in the draft when your selection is complete to let them know they are OTC. Bowlen, Eddie and myself will also PM folks as we see them to let them know they are up. Also, check your PMs frequently as that is how we are reminding you that you are OTC. If your PM box is full, empty it!

10. When you select, please record the time you made your selection so we know when the 12 hour clock starts for the next drafter. The Orange Mane clock on the posts has not always been accurate in the past.

11. We will have a pinch drafter for those who miss their picks to keep the integrity of the draft as it moves forward. The pinch drafter will draft for those who miss their picks: Immediately in rounds one and two, after three picks go by in rounds three, four, and five, and after six picks go by in rounds 6 and 7. if you do not like who the pinch drafter takes for you, that's too bad. Make your selection while you are OTC (or get a PM priority list to us) and you won't have to worry about the dreaded pinch drafter. Selections the pinch drafter makes are final.

12. We will have a UDFA round after the mock is complete run by Bowlenball. It is not required, but it sure is fun. I encourage everyone to take part in it this year!

1. Conklin -- Chiefs
2. Rohirrim -- Rams
3. Ludo21 -- Falcons
4. phibacka/Sthstnd Junkie -- Dolphins
5. Mediator -- Colts
6. Bmore manning -- Ravens
7. Requiem -- Bengals
8. Eddie Mac -- Patriots
9. Shananahan -- Redskins
10. socolorado -- Seahawks
11. Traveler -- Buccaneers
12. ColoradoBuff -- Jaguars
13. Jebures -- Vikings
14. Broncoman4ever -- Giants
15. Arkie -- Eagles
16. bowleball -- Steelers
17. Dbroncos4life -- Lions
18. DBH -- Browns
19. GoHAM/Schaaf -- Broncos
20. Drek -- Saints
21. 24champ -- Texans
22. Lycan -- Titans
23. mr. Peepers -- Jets
24. JCMElway -- Chargers
25. Rev --Cardinals
26. DenverDUI55 -- 49ers
27. Sodak Bronco -- Bears
28. Sr. Phoenix -- Packers
29. Bronco Inferno -- Panthers
30. Broncosfanguy -- Bills
31. CBF1 -- Raiders
32. Nickstixx -- Cowboys

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