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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Actually our defensive prospects are the cream of the crop. There is a ton of talent there. Despres and Morrow aren't going anywhere. They might give up one of Dumoulin or Harrington....although they need those guys as we have too many puck overs and not enough real defenseman. Pouliot isn't going anywhere....they could part with Maata tho. Burtuzzo might get moved even tho he has been a pleasant surprise but there is too much talent in the system coming up so he could be holding the bag.

I would prefer to keep all those guys...our D will be lights out pretty soon.
most of your defensive guys are offensive power play QBing types. the Avs already have that in Elliot,Barrie and Chouinard. we need a defensive ace type who is physically imposing and can help out on O.
the Pens top guys aren't that.
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