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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Come on dude, it has nothing to do with standings. I even trash the caps when I know they are a clown show.

He's 100% right about the pens and how they get away with it. Try being a little more objective

Do you not ever notice how every team (except maybe philly, because they dont give a ****) lets up on a Crosby body check? The pens get away with a lot of infractions.

The pens are an NHL favored franchise; otherwise they would have been gone years ago with all the financial issues.

Doesn't mean they aren't a good team, but ray finkle is right.
You don't know my history with Ray MF Finkle. We live to needle each other about various things. It's always in good fun. I'm a huge fan of Ray Finkle and I enjoy getting under his skin...and he does the same back.

Anyway Bennett got called up today. I'm going to be really pissed if he is paired with Geno and Neal. I'm tired of this ****. Sid needs to play with a decent player for once. I'm tired of the Kunitz/Dupuis crap. Yes they are producing but it could be so much more. Geno needs to just grind his way out of his slump. He already has Neal give Sid some help.

Put Kunitz back with Geno and Neal...that was a great line last year...give Bennett to Sid.
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