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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
One more post for my fellow hockey nuts lol. So FWIW, I hear Mcphee has been going hard on O'Reilly for 2 weeks now. HOWEVER, I do see the following tweet. I swear if Shero lands O'Reilly, I will be extremely pissed. I'm sure Dick Patrick will veto any deal Mcphee gets done with Sherman. I can't stand the mgmt group in DC.

Michael Russo
#penguins GM Ray Shero is in Minnesota scouting tonight's #mnwild #avalanche game. Pens looking for top-6 winger
i will throw up if we deal him to the Pens. they don't have what we need.
we need a good young roster player, a top prospect and a pick.
the Pens picks suck, the moveable roster guys are mostly older or not a top 6 potential type. the prospects they have aren't exactly the best.
Bennett is solid but him alone won't get O'Reilly.
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