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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
A lot of individuals should be barred from guns, but they aren't. The Gun Show loophole is the obvious loophole that needs to be closed, but the gun lobby will keep fighting it.

It's a source for criminals and anyone else who can't pass a background check.

Individuals enjoy the same loophole when they re-sell a gun.
I seriously doubt that all these black on black deaths are perpetrated by blacks who go to a gun show and buy a gun. In fact, I'm willing to bet that almost none of the guns used in these homicides were purchased at gun shows.

Gun shows were initially started so that gun enthusiasts, that is, collectors, could go to a place and buy or sell their guns to other gun enthusiasts. Unfortunately gun dealers are now allowed to show up and sell guns too. Point being, if you did NOT allow gun dealers to go to these shows and simply kept the shows for collectors and other gun enthusiasts to go and buy, sell, exchange, etc. then I think this could curb any abuse by someone who is just trying to skirt the system in order to purchase a gun for criminal activity.

I have no idea how many people go to gun shows intending to buy a gun so they can commit a crime, but I speculate very few, if any people go to gun shows for this purpose.

Gun enthusiasts go to gun shows. I don't really think gang bangers and other perps go to the shows because theres a bunch of stuff there they have no interest in. It just doesn't make sense.
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