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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Possibly. You can't say that with any confidence.

statistics say otherwise.....fewer people are killed in shooting rampages when a law abiding citizen shoots or disarms the shooter. Meanwhile when law enforcement is called in they take longer to get there, and the body count is always higher.

Ms. Lanza was a law-abiding citizen - if she hadn't felt the need to have an arsenal...

Her "arsenal" did not get up on it's own, travel to Sandy Hook and shoot 6 teachers and 20 children......a whack job stole her weapons, killed her as she slept, and then went on his murderous rampage.....

I've not said anything about eliminating the RKBA.

Posting this thread says otherwise....

What I do believe is that more guns in more hands in more places is insane.

Despite the fact that places where limiting law abiding citizens guns have much higher violent crime rates than communities where conceal and open carry laws do.
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