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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
Feeling slightly better about things since Ratbirds went the distance.

Was curious what people thought about RB situation ?

Hillman, Moreno and McGahee ?

Not enough IMO.

Moreno surely showed up big until last game ... got hurt again.

McGahee is an old stud.......but tough as nails.

Hillman...I dunno what we got there ?

Think we need to add either a draftee or FA ?

What you think ?
RB needs a big time upgrade. KM is more of a pass catcher/protector who can run a little.

McGahee fumbles too much and misses too many games every year.

Ball is a ST player

Hillman could be better if he gained some muscle and the game slows down for him.

I don't want to see a retread like Reggie Bush come in, I think KM is the same type of guy who is better in protection.

If Kahn is right and we keep DJ and move him to Mike we could draft BPA in the 1st round and hopefully they still manage to find a quality RB in the 2nd or later.
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