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Bmore Manning

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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Just what are we trying to improve here?

Does Manning get sacked a whole lot? NO.
Do our RBs get tackled in the backfield? NO.

I understand the need to improve the OL, but not at the cost of young guys like Franklin, Walton, and Beadles who are only getting better and Kuper is going to be fine as well.

The biggest improvement from this offense needs to come from a RB that can actually break off chunks of yardage against 6 man fronts unlike Moreno/Hillman who couldn't, and better speed from the TE position where Dressen/Tamme are average/good players but not game breakers.
I think Elway intends for JT/Green to replace the Decker/Dreesen combo.

There is no bruiser back on the roster..
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