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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I disagree. The Broncos played the ratbirds extremely close considering how bad the Broncos played. Do you even understand football? Let me say this another way--the Broncos did NOT play their best and had no help at all from the officials and still SHOULD have won the game.

NE would have had to come to Denver. But whatever, you're pretty much a moron anyway.

You know I'd slap a fool like you sideways but I don't hit the mentally handicapped.

After the ass beating we took from NE in their house you really think we play that many points better at home especially considering the way we played the Ratbirds.

Just shut up

Snot nosed punk that never tasted any adversity in his whole short have such disdain for me keep your ass out of my threads.

As they say there is the door

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