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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
If Kuper can't get healthy by the end of training camp, the Broncos have these other four options at RG:
a) Manny Ramirez
b) Philip Blake
c) C.J. Davis
d) Quentin Saulsberry

Worst case scenario is Philip Blake is starting at RG in 2013. I'm comfortable with that. He was playing at RG during last training camp, I'm sure he has been preparing since then. I don't see the Broncos drafting an OL with one of their first 2 picks.
Playing it in training camp doesnt equate to being comfortable. We have the $18 million man back there. Kuper is a question mark on being at 100% or staying at 100%. Blake is a center. I would hope we look at depth from someone who could play guard or both guard and tackle.
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