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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
What do you think Moore or Velasquez will command on the open market?
Neither is getting Carl Nicks $$$. Moore is 30. He wants a ring. I could easily see him being signed to a 3 YR deal worth around 9 MIL. And he would play out 2 years at about 5.5 MIL.
I see DEN when its all done and said, and current contracts have been re-worked and players have been dumped like DJ, aquiring 3-4 players in FA.
Regardless of if they were released or their contract just expired.
Well $3 million seems fair for Moore, Vasquez will probably be around $5 million a season roughly. Don't get me wrong both are good players, but what do you do with Kuper if we signed one of them?
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