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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
Why does DEN have to spend a draft pick on the O-line?
Regardless of the O-line situation depending on health or if the player is good or not, DEN can simply go into FA and get a nice option at OG or C. And no, these guys wont be too expensive.
Louis Vasquez SD (OG)
Brandon Moore NYJ (OG)
Matt Slauson NYJ (OG)

Fernando Velasco TEN (C)

Go get Velasquez or Moore for a modest contract.
Either will want out of a loser team, and be looking to win it all with a contender.
Then you have depth on the line, and DEN can let them all fight it out for a roster spot. DEN will still have enough $$$ in FA after some players re-work their contracts to go get another high-value FA. Relax.
SoCal I usually like your ideas and player evaluation. But Vasquez is a very underrated talent and he's not going to sign for peanuts..
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