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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Cut down on the lead you've been ingesting - your brain has been damaged.

PS - You and your ilk don't seem to mind 20 dead schoolchildren. In fact, all you can think of is more guns in more hands in more places in response.
what you fail to realize is that 20 school children would not have died had an armed law abiding citizen been there...... the police only show up in time to draw a chalk outline around the body.....or bodies.

the average number of deaths during a shooting rampage is 2.7 when stopped by an armed citizen.... And over 14 when stopped by police. in fact if the shooter doesn't kill himself, most of the shootings would not be stopping unless it was by an armed law abiding citizen....
we do not celebrate 20 school children being killed we lament the fact that you are trying to legislate us out of having the ability to protect ourselves and save others like those at Sandy Hook.
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