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Would love Cooper at #28... Doubt he falls to us, though.

Watched some you tube videos yesterday and here's my impression (FWIW) of some of the guys we've been talking about in the first round.


Eddie Lacy... pretty impressed but not so much I think he's be a steal at 28
Montee Ball... 1/2 step below Lacy
the 2 guys I did like in the later rounds are Joseph Randle OKST and Johnathan Franklin UCLA


Sheldon Richardson - Like alot but won't be around
Jesse Williams - not worth 28th pick
Johnathan Hankins - pretty strong but not as quick as I'd like
Sharrif Floyd - See Sheldon Richardson
John Jenkins - On some plays he looks like the best DT in the draft on other plays not so much... If someone can get him to lose some weight and get stronger and learn a little bit of technique, he could be one the best players in the draft.
Sylvester Williams - Very impressed with him... Not the biggest but he seemed pretty strong and quick and consistently stayed low.
Kawann Short - about the same as Hankins... He had some trouble getting push but showed surprising side to side pursuit ability.


Mante Teo - Not going to be an option, IMO...

Alex Ogletree - Lots to like but I can't get past his lack of size (and therefore strength) and if he could really play MLB at the next level.

Kevin Minter - A really solid player, not elite at any one thing, but no weaknesses either.

Someone I really came away impressed with is Vince Williams from FSU, I don't think he's worth our first round pick but I think he's really underrated.


Matt Elam: not sure he's quite worth 28 but he is an impressive hitter and excellent open field tackler

Eric Reid: Ed Reed lite; Center fielder with elite athletic abililty and toughness

T.J. McDonald: Had heard that he was next overhyped USC safety but I came away very impressed

Tony Vaccaro: Kind of a cross between Reid and Elam - Very Good

Tony Jefferson: A half step below the top 4 safeties but there's no holes in his game. Would love him in the 2nd round.

D.J. Swearinger: A true in the box big hitter, would be a liability in coverage though.
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