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I asked Jeff Legwold about this very topic.

So as to keep as much continuity as possible on the line, my preference would be to land a RT prospect (Fluker, if possible). Thus, allowing Franklin to move to his more natural OG position. If not Fluker, then get a OG (Warford) to replace either Kuper or Beadles, and Franklin remains at RT.

Either way Denver must upgrade in the interior and become a better rushing team.
That's pretty cool! I am not sure how I feel about Franklin playing RG given his great play at RT. Should we draft a RT my preference would be Fluker even at 28. I'm not sure a CB, DT, DE, WR, RB, S would have the same impact that adding Fluker would to being a day 1 starter at RT.

I'm just not sure if I would rather Kuper play Center or LG. But if he did play LG and Blake emerged at Center, that would be one talented nasty OLine.
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