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Ty Lawson

Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
As long as everyone agrees bad service should equal bad tip, I guess we see eye to eye.
Oh we definitely see eye to eye. I'm always amused by the standard "I used to work as a waiter" song and dance people love to do. Are there going to be legitimate instances where people are cheap asses? Sure. But if you mess up, you deserve to get dinged. It happens to everyone, but somehow these stories fail to get told in threads like these.

I remember one; I once wrote down a table's order, put my pad in my pocket, got sidetracked and forgot to put the order in for a solid 20 minutes. The table was upset. They tipped me pretty low. And here's the kicker: I absolutely deserved it. I didn't b**** or complain. When errors like this happen, it's actually better to reduce the tip. Guess who didn't make that mistake again? This guy.

Waiters love to tell the stories of the times they got "unjustly" stiffed. They don't like telling the stories of the times they provided bad service, or even worse provided bad service but got tipped 20% anyways out of guilt. Somehow those stories fall through the cracks.
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