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This is why the GOP will never be viewed in a positive light, you have a bunch of loons in your corner.

Ted Nugent to attend State of the Union. Will that backfire?

Rock star/gun rights advocate Ted Nugent is attending Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, Rep. Steve Stockman (R) of Texas announced Monday.

Yes, yes he will. That’s certain. But beyond that we have to ask: Is this a good idea?

After all, Nugent will be sitting in the same room with children from Sandy Hook Elementary and other victims of gun violence. He’ll also be sitting in the same room with Mr. Obama. You’ll remember that last spring several members of the Secret Service visited Nugent for a chat after he said that if Obama were to be reelected “I will either be dead or in jail.” The agents came away convinced that Nugent was a bigger threat to grammar and decorum than to the president, but still.

Liberal pundit Greg Sargent goes further, saying that Nugent’s appearance only emphasizes The Crazy, the hard right aspect of the GOP that party leaders such as Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana have complained turns off moderate voters.
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