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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
I've seen some incredible rationalization on this board, but this drivel is up near the top.
I think the bigest rationalization is that somehow the business owners think that even after paying for the goods and services, its the customer's responsibility to also pay the employee's wages. That's the employer's responsibility.

But, just like the rule of law, you might not like it, but it is what it is. If you're going to play you got to pay. I usually end up tipping out 18-20%.

But it is a big deterrent, I've pretty much stopped going to the olive gardens, bennigans, outbacks and applebees of the world. It's got to be a place with great added value to me, where I can really believe it's worth the tip. There's got to be something about the place that really makes my dayŚ great food, great people, great atmosphere, great location/view. If I have a great experience, then I feel more than happy to tip. But if it is a place that is not going to leave me feeling "WOW", then they can look for their business elsewhere, because they're not worth the tip.
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